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Meet Your New Best Friend: INKARAMI ADVANCE

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

If Tokio Inkarami has been the trusted friend you’ve known, then we promise you that Tokio Inkarami Advance is your new best friend who knows your hair better than you do. Is Tokio Inkarami not good enough? Of course not! Tokio Inkarami is like the popular and amicable friend who everyone likes, but Tokio Inkarami Advance will be that supportive bosom friend who is always by your side, joining you in your crazy antics.

Whose best friend?

Does your hair look as if it has gone through a tornado without styling? Do you always coil your hair in a top-knot, in some sort of bun, or just simply tie it up because you’ll look disheveled if you let it down? Inkarami Advance has heard you, my friend, because:

#1 Best of Both Worlds with Anti-frizz Treatment

Conventionally, hair treatments are split into two types – strengthening and smoothening. You can only most effectively get one or the other as they are formulated to focus mainly on 1 key benefit. However, with Inkarami Advance, you can get the best of both worlds! Strengthening? Absolutely. Smoothening? Not a problem. Now, you can even get frizz control with Inkarami Advance that overcomes unruly tresses in this abhorrent hot and humid climate! The result looks natural, without a layer of over-the-top glossy coat on your hair, making sure you look (almost) as if you rolled out of bed looking fabulous already. Not only that, this new best friend can improve your hair elasticity and keep your hair shape in style for the next few weeks. You don't have to worry about that weird kink after your new hair grows out with Advance too. All that you wish you can have in your best friend, you can find it in Inkarami Advance.

Inkarami Advance tames unruly frizz from the inside without a heavy coat on the surface layer.

Since this is a hair treatment, no harsh chemicals are used. Moreover, all TOKIO products are 100% formaldehyde free! For best results, you can always complement it with TOKIO IE homecare series.

#2 No Compromise, It Can Only Get Better!

Just like Tokio Inkarami, there is real repair at work and not just superficial “cosmetic treatment”. Inkarami Advance utilizes the patented technology from Tokio Inkarami to go deep into the cortex of your hair and replenish those lost keratins from your other chemical services. Like all TOKIO products, the Nobel Prize awarded ingredient Fullerene, an anti-oxidant dream ingredient for skincare, is without a doubt in Inkarami Advance as well. Your skin is not the only place that will reveal your age. Your hair can give you out if you aren’t careful too! Hence, rest assured, all of that quintessence from Tokio Inkarami that you are unwilling to give up for is in Inkarami Advance too. As your best friend, it will help you keep your age a secret.


Erase the misconception that amazing hair is too difficult, troublesome, and time-consuming to obtain! Be prepared to fall in love with Inkarami Advance and experience a friendship like never before❤.

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