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more powerful  more lasting

In collaboration with selected exclusive TOKIO Salons and Leading Stylists, we are delighted to present INKARAMI ADVANCE the latest treatment that is more intensive, lasts longer and transforms frizzy hair into silky smooth hair that is easily manageable! 

Patented INKARAMI Technology repairs hair up to 140%!

Key Ingredients:

✔ 6 Types of Keratin for Deep Repair

✔ Nobel Prize Winning Fullerene with        superb anti-aging effect

✔ CMC and 18MEA provide natural

    smoothness without compromising

    hair volume

Unlike conventional treatments that either strengthen or smoothen your hair, INKARAMI ADVANCE goes 2 levels higher by greatly improving hair texture to achieve an amazing hair condition!

Superb Smoothness, Silky Soft to the touch

Excellent Hair Texture which retains Hair Volume

Hassle-free Daily Styling


Q: Who is INKARAMI ADVANCE suitable for?

A: It is suitable for all hair types but especially recommended for consumers with stiff, frizzy and tangled hair.

Q: Can I try INKARAMI ADVANCE if I have done Keratin Treatment before?

A: Yes, INKARAMI ADVANCE is suitable for all hair types even if you have done Keratin Treatment.

Q: Can I do INKARAMI ADVANCE if I have highly bleached hair?

A: Yes, INKARAMI ADVANCE is the ultimate repair and moisturizing formula capable of reviving your highly bleached hair. Nonetheless, we advise you to consult one of our TOKIO Salons listed below.

Q: Can I do INKARAMI ADVANCE if I have permed hair?

A: Yes. However, the curls may loosen. In this scenario, INKARAMI ADVANCE is recommended for consumers with curls that are getting hard to manage. INKARAMI ADVANCE will loosen curls into natural waves depending on your desired hair design. Nonetheless, we advise you to consult one of our TOKIO Salons listed below.

Q: How long does INKARAMI ADVANCE last?

A: Generally, it will last up to 2-3 months. For best results, we recommend that you maintain the salon treatment effect with our TOKIO IE SERIES.   

Q: What is the difference between TOKIO INKARAMI and INKARAMI ADVANCE?

A: The main difference is that INKARAMI ADVANCE has a frizz control component. This means that INKARAMI ADVANCE goes one step further than just ensuring that your hair is smooth, shiny and soft but also promises to control your frizzy hair! Besides that, INKARAMI ADVANCE is also more intensive in terms of hair repair and moisturizing. The results also last longer as compared to TOKIO INKARAMI.


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