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3 Reasons Why You Should Use INKARAMI+ During Your Next Hair Service

Updated: Jul 8, 2019

Do you know that the best time to do hair treatment is when you are doing a chemical service? Pairing INKARAMI+ with the chemical service you’re receiving guarantees your hair receives the best hair experience this industry has to offer!

But first, what’s INKARAMI+? Well, INKARAMI+ is a hair treatment that uses Japan’s patented technology and Nobel Prize-winning ingredient, Fullerene, to make your hair shiny, smooth, soft and strong. That’s not all -- the best part is that these effects are longer-lasting and more effective because INKARAMI+ repairs the hair from within. And all that has been mentioned isn’t convincing enough, here are 3 solid reasons why you should opt for INKARAMI+ during your next hair service:-

#1 Prevention is Better than Cure

Do you notice that a few weeks after doing colouring, perming or rebonding your hair is no longer shiny, smooth, soft and strong? Well, such is common because chemical hair services will undoubtedly cause an outflow of proteins from your hair structure resulting in dry, brittle and damaged hair. And as you all know, prevention is certainly better than cure. INKARAMI+ repairs your hair from within by replenishing the proteins lost during the process of colouring, perming or rebonding. You don’t have to worry about damaging your hair too badly when you use INKARAMI+ because it repairs the damage done to your hair as the damage is being done. This means that the problem will be nipped in the bud -- won’t even exist!

#2 Long-Lasting Effect of Treatment

Everyone wants healthy hair and luckily, INKARAMI+ can help you achieve it! How? Well, when doing chemical services your hair will be primed in preparation for colouring, perming or rebonding. This is also the best time for your hair to absorb and retain treatment.

That’s why opting for INKARAMI+ while doing a chemical service, will not only greatly reduce the damage on your hair but also ensure that the effects of treatment is longer-lasting -- you will have shinier, smoother, softer and stronger hair for a longer period of time simply because INKARAMI+ hair treatment is well absorbed beyond surface level of your hair.

#3 Enhance Vibrancy and Longevity

The gift of healthy hair, given by INKARAMI+, brings about many other benefits. By repairing your hair during the colouring process, the hair colour will be prolonged. Similarly, when your hair is repaired, bouncier curls and silky smooth hair are longer lasting because the hair can retain the shape that you desire.

All in all, INKARAMI+ greatly improves the quality of hair and is professionally customisable for all hair types. In the pursuit of achieving your desired hairstyle, you can minimise the damage done to your hair! Knowing that while colouring, perming and rebonding your hair you can at the same time repair your hair -- There is really no greater relief than this. This is why INKARAMI+ is the number 1 choice for Editors, Stylists and Consumers.

Want to get your hands on INKARAMI+? Try it with these Tokio Partners today!


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