Do you know that the best time to do a hair treatment is when you are doing a chemical service?

In light of that, we proudly introduce the latest innovation INKARAMI+, a professionally customizable add-on that will revolutionize your hair experience. Now, you can complement your chemical services with Patented INKARAMI Technology and Nobel Prize Winning Ingredient Fullerene to receive the best results for colouring, perming or rebonding!

Fullerene is an

anti-oxidant that is 175x more powerful than Vitamin C!

Key Benefits:

✔ Deep moisturizing repair 

✔ Greatly improve hair quality

✔ UV Rays Protection

Without INKARAMI treatment, there will be an outflow of proteins and your hair will become dry and brittle after the chemical service. When you opt for INKARAMI+, your hair will undergo repair works both before and after your colour/perm/rebonding service. INKARAMI repairs your hair by replenishing lost proteins and performing deep layer moisturizing at the same time. It is the best hair repair treatment that not only restores your hair but gives a smooth, shiny and soft finish even weeks after a chemical service!


Enhance Colour Vibrancy and Prolong Durability

Bouncier and Livelier Curls

Long Lasting Silky and Smooth Straight Hair

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