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The hair is a three-layered structure comprising of the Cuticle (outermost layer), Cortex (middle layer) and the Medulla (inner core).



The cuticle is the outermost part of the hair shaft. It overlaps in layers like fish scales facing downwards, providing the hair shaft strength and protection. The scales are "stuck" together by natural lipids called Cell Membrane Complex, also known as CMC. During chemical processes such as bleaching, coloring and perming, the cuticles are opened. In this process, CMC is inevitably lost. To make matters worse, the hair does not reproduce CMC again. Therefore, over time, inner proteins will flow out of the hair, resulting in dryness and brittleness etc. 



The cortex is the middle layer of the hair, mainly made up of chains of proteins and “glued” together by natural lipids called Cell Membrane Complex, also known as CMC. In this case, it is important to note that cuticle CMC and cortex CMC are different components. The cortex is the biggest and most important part of the hair. It determines the hair strength, elasticity, shape and color. This is why coloring and perm agents act on the cortex to achieve one’s desired hairstyle.



The medulla is a soft, fragile and nearly invisible layer. Although it does not have a significant role, it serves as the core or essence of the hair. 

Relationship with Damage



Hair damage is mainly caused by environmental issues and chemical services such as coloring, bleaching, perming, styling, thermal damage using flat irons and blow-dryers. The damage caused by these factors changes the physical structure of the hair resulting in hair tangling, breakage, dullness, dryness and unruliness.

Using Japanese Patented Technology "INKARAMI", TOKIO incorporates professional care and chemistry to attain the highest repair performance ever known in hair history! 

Once absorbed into the hair, the keratin begins an interlocking process known as “Aggregation Bonding”. 


Effects of INKARAMI


TOKIO INKARAMI is the world's first professional hair treatment to replenish lost keratins and interlock them using the patented technology "INKARAMI". That is not all, it also seals up the cuticle by replenishing the lost CMC reducing the amount of inner proteins flowing out of the hair. INKARAMI's main objective is to restore damaged hair back to the original healthy hair, allowing hair to regain strength, silkiness, shine and moisture!

No. 1 Repairing Power: Restoring hair’s strength of up to 140%

No. 1 Enduring Strength: Bonded macromolecular keratins will guard against protein loss, allowing long-lasting effects of the treatment

Most Wanted Shine: Restoring healthy hair will bring about the radiance of beautiful virgin hair

Lightness and Softness Feel: Expect a totally different experience from the conventional heavy “silicon treatments”

Amazing change in Hair Quality: Thanks to the Nobel Prize Winning Ingredient, Fullerene, world’s strongest antioxidant

Who needs INKARAMI?

Tangled Hair

Permed Hair

Bleached/coloured Hair

Dehydrated hair

Unruly hair / hair that is difficult to manage

Extension and weaves

Use Flat-Iron / Blow-Drying Users

Over-Brushes / Brush their hair while it’s wet

Over-Shampoo / Used wrong shampoo

Are often outdoors

If you fall into any of the above categories, make the first step on this journey for better hair and contact our professionals today. TOKIO INKARAMI can improve your hair quality so much that it feels as if you were born yesterday! All you need is one session to feel the difference!


A new type of keratin system specially made to improve hair quality by INKARAMI!


TOKIO de SINKA, a brand new revolution to the miraculous INKARAMI which has the best hair care and design ability. It repairs hair during perming/straightening and turns dullness into a healthy shine! An astonishing design which strengthens the hair by 140 % during the process!


Well received in Top Japanese Salons with high value for designed hair that pairs the best care ability to rebuild keratin protein to the hair.



It is recommended for individuals who

  • Frequently use conventional products

  • Desire beautiful hair design

  • Want silky, smooth and shiny hair

  • Want tameable hair condition

  • Want to give life to hair


  • Fuss-free and easy to manage

  • Less damaging to hair

  • Works on almost any type of hair

  • Natural looking design

  • Repairs hair while doing the design

True Gem of a product that miraculously brings designs to remarkable results!

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